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  • 30 years experience working with personal injury attorneys in helping our patients receive the highest settlements possible

  • Most of our clients pay nothing out of pocket for their care once liability has been confirmed, and…

  • We make sure we determine the liability of your case BEFORE you get too long into your treatment. If you are found at fault, then find an affordable treatment plan to help you get back to feeling better

  • We’ve treated over 1,000 personal injury cases!

  • We are experienced in taking depositions for your case, or going to court as a medical witness!

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How Most Personal Injury Law Firms Handle Cases

Did you notice on the timeline below that the case seems to end when the trial or settlement has finished? So much effort seems to be more about securing a financial settlement than it does about acquiring full and total recovery of the victim in the accident. In fact, little is even recognized below other than their client being in an accident, and in the best case scenario, that their client starts medical treatment first. Furthermore, the last seven bullets are all concerned about your case reaching a settlement than it is about you receiving full and complete medical treatment. See the chart below…

Timeline of a Personal Injury Case

Notice how the final result, seems to end with the “Trial” icon? In the best case scenario, shouldn’t it end with you as being a patient and having your “Treatment Completed”? And why is that significant? Well, because…

The problem is one out of two patients continue to experience pain AFTER their settlement or trial is over.

So, what if you were part of the 50% that were still in pain? You would think that by reading the flow chart above that all things were figured out, that no rock was left unturned, and that by receiving some sort of financial recovery, that somehow, that because your injuries were “treated”, no other treatment would be needed in regards to your case for the rest of your life. That’s just isn’t true for most people. In fact, that’s living in a fantasy, rather than living in the real world.

How Discover Chiropractic Center Handles Personal Injury Cases

Your complete treatment is our primary goal! In fact, we want to see a “Treatment Completed” icon – like the one below - added to the personal injury timeline to make it complete, and what it should really look like.

Treatment Completed

First thing, at Discover Chiropractic Center we care for patients, and never would call you a client. Our over 30 years of experience treating those injured in car accidents and other types of personal injuries has taught us that you have to take each patient one at a time, to look at them as an individual not a case, and take the time to handle their care on a daily basis based on how they are responding that day. There are no short cuts. Sometimes there are setbacks. Remember in the timeline above how we showed that a patient’s complete treatment didn’t seem to be the most important aspect of their case. In fact, it wasn’t even part of the timeline at all.

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